Storage to Art Studio

A client was interested in transforming a storage area into an art studio. Our client wanted to keep a large table in the room for drafting and sketching so we cleaned out the room (lots of boxes for donations!) and created a working space in front of one window, as well as a painting space by the window to the garden.

On this wall, you’ll see the before picture which shows a number of furniture pieces that we sorted through and donated, as well as books, electronic equipment and clothes.  The after picture shows the custom shelves that were built to house and organize the artwork and maintain a sense of order within the room.

The studio will be a place to paint and work as well as to house an impressive collection of art books.  On one wall in the room, we moved pre-existing bookcases to create a library and and organized books, pamphlets and catalogues into discrete categories.


This transformation created a lot of donations!





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