Tinka Markham Piper,

Chaos Counselor

At the age of 10, I organized and catalogued my bookshelves according to the Dewey decimal system, made my brother check out books and charged him late fees. During high school and college, my favorite pastime was to rearrange our living space (weekly!), much to the exasperation of my roommates. As an adult, visits to friends and family naturally turn into organizing sessions—cleaning out closets, moving furniture around, tackling bathroom drawers and weeding through kids’ toys. I can’t help myself—I walk into any room and immediately start reconstructing the environment.
My background and work experience are in social work and public health. I’ve worked in academic, clinical and research settings primarily in managing and leading projects from design to implementation. I love creating opportunities for others to learn and grow, I love building systems and seeing if they work, I love developing relationships and helping people. I also love design websites, felt boxes, stationery stores, storage containers and label makers. Solve My Space is an attempt to reconcile all these interests and work to improve peoples’ lives by transforming their most personal spaces.

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