1. Where are you located?
  2. I don’t live in Montreal.  Can I still work with you?
  3. What are your fees for your services?
  4. What are examples of projects that you work on?
  5. I’m embarrassed by the disorder in my home. I’m not sure you want to see it!
  6. What involvement do I need to have in the process?
  7. I’m moving/selling/renovating. Do you offer services to help out?
  8. Do you have customer testimonials?
  9. I’m interested in giving your services to someone else.  Do you offer gift certificates?
  10. How do I get started?

1. I am based in Montreal and work within the city. I am willing to travel outside the city but travel fees may apply.

2. Yes, I provide consultations via skype, phone or email.  While it is most effective for me to work in  your actual space, I can provide coaching, action plans and resource lists.

3. I charge $75/hour. We can discuss your overall budget during the free initial consultation.

4.  I often work with people in transitional moments in their lives–a move or renovation, a birth, divorce, empty nest, loss, aging and illness.  I also work with people who need coaching and guidance with the “pain points” in their home to create spaces that they love.  I have worked in family and living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, nurseries, dining rooms, garages, basements, offices, entryways, closets—you name it!

I can do the physical elements of the work (sorting/classifying/decluttering/dropping off donations/etc.) and also the more conceptual and research-related elements of creating a space.  Wherever there is a need for space-solving, I will figure it out with you.

5. Yes, I do!  That’s exactly why I love what I do. It’s a privilege to work in someone’s home and I love to see how a space can change so dramatically (and feel so good), even in a short amount of time.  Please don’t be embarrassed by your spaces!

6.Since every project is different, we will figure out your involvement during the free phone consultation.

In some cases, we work together throughout the whole project (this can be very efficient and reduce overall costs); other times I work alone (with check-in points); and in some cases I work as a “coach for your home” and create action plans for you to execute on your own.

7. Yes, I offer a full range of services in all stages of home acquisition and sale.

Moving? I can help with decluttering and packing.

Renovating? I can connect you to resources as well as help you think through options in your space.

Selling your home? I can assist with staging or overall styling.

8. Read what clients have to say here.

9. Yes! Solve My Space services make great gifts, whether for a birthday, anniversary, holiday or any time of year.  After payment, you’ll receive a customized gift certificate.

10. Please send me an email using the contact form.  Some photos of your space(s) and a rough budget of what you’re looking to spend are helpful. From there, we’ll schedule a free consultation and get started!

F a c e b o o k