Home office design

It’s such a thrill to create a space from scratch!  Yes, lots of work BUT the process can be so much fun and theView full post »

dining room redesign

Dining room redesign

This is a project that I loved working on as it involved a room-by-room transformation.  The family wasView full post »

Sisters’ bedroom redesign

I have 2 favorite parts about working in homes. First, the collaboration + teamwork necessary to make any project aView full post »

Closet to Home Office

It’s really fun to work on a project where you see significant results quickly.  Here, a client was interested inView full post »

From start to finish: a living space evolves

While I enjoy design magazines and pinterest, I’m always drawn to the before/afters of home projects. I loveView full post »

Living room transformation

The vision for this living room was a completely new look, one that was Scandinavian inspired.  The first step wasView full post »

Home Office Revamp

The goal in this home was to create a brighter, spacious home office, keeping the budget low and affordable.View full post »

Entryway Transformation

The colour red can be fun and vibrant but in this small space, the owners of this home felt that it was tooView full post »


Playrooms can be one big clutter-fest. Our task here was to control the toy clutter, create open spaces for play andView full post »

Master Bedroom Design

Here is an example of a master bedroom design by Solve My Space.  We can help you with all aspects of design includingView full post »

Girl’s Bedroom Upgrade

A client was interested in creating a new look for her 8 year-old daughter’s room.  The goal was to repurpose certainView full post »

Shared Kids Room

These two kids have shared their room since number two arrived.  Below are iterations of before and after for theView full post »

4 hours of Solve My Space: day 1 of revamping a storage room

I love many aspects of my work but something I really enjoy is how quickly you can see results in a home.  One of myView full post »

Storage to Art Studio

A client was interested in transforming a storage area into an art studio. Our client wanted to keep a large table inView full post »

De-cluttering Home Office

This job involved going through files and paperwork together to decide what to keep (and file) and what toView full post »

New Guest Room

A beautiful mid-century modern style guest room was created in an old home office. The main feature wall originallyView full post »

New Baby Room

For this project, our clients wanted to convert a bedroom that belonged to their daughters into a nursery for theirView full post »

Organized Office Space

Here is an example of an office space after a Solve My Space visit.  View full post »

Declutter and redesign

I love receiving emails that say “Help! Please solve________!” In this case, it was the need to fullyView full post »

Toy and book clutter

What does a 4 hour Solve My Space session look like?  Well, it really depends on the space and your needs, but in thisView full post »

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