Tinka was fantastic! We had several ‘problem’ areas in our house where things were cluttered and disorganized. With three kids and work, dealing with it was never a priority and always seemed too overwhelming. Working with Tinka, I was surprised that in very little time, we managed to get ALOT done. She has great ideas on storage solutions and she is a tireless worker….very productive. The result feels great!

–Liz C.
As someone new to Montreal, with very little time to settle into our new apartment before our first baby, Tinka’s help and resourcefulness were essential in beginning to make our house a home prior to baby’s arrival. Tinka helped in coming up with a game plan to improve the organization and comfort of our home and provided great ideas and resources. I really appreciated having Tinka as a sounding board for design and organization ideas and our sessions together were motivating and actually fun! I would recommend TInka to anyone looking to improve the organization of their home or simply looking for a design refresh.

 -Jill M.
I am a pack-rat of near-pathological proportions. Objects are my past, my identity, and to give them up is no easy feat. The result is that I live amidst a lifetime of accumulated clutter. Tinka did a remarkable job helping me sort through it all: with understanding, sensitivity, intelligence, and wit, she helped me attack brimming closets, sort through over-full storage rooms and bedrooms that had taken on a distressing similarity to Goodwill stores. We purged what needed to be purged, and kept what should be kept. Tinka pushed as much as was necessary but never more than I could handle. It is a true skill and she is a gem.

-Francois F.
Working with Tinka has changed my life! It has changed my living space and it has inspired me to change my entire philosophy in life. Less is best. Having free space in my home has allowed us to see how beautiful it actually is. For years I had been ashamed of my cramped and small Plateau apartment. I never wanted to invite people over. The reality is that is it quite a large and beautiful space that was just filled with so much clutter that I could no longer see the apartment, only the junk in it.
Tinka has helped us not only clear up space, but she is helping us to create new dedicated spaces for our bedroom, our child’s bedroom and a new office space for my small business along with a studio space for my husband’s music recording. She is really a whiz at where to start, and what to do and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to change their lives by clearing out the old and paring things down to the essential things that you use and that you love. That’s it. I feel so much happier now that we have started our project together and I cannot wait to see the finished product. Thank-you Tinka!

-Vivian D.
Tinka’s enthusiasm for uncluttered, functional, and beautiful spaces is contagious. She is efficient, resourceful, generous, and sensitive to one’s needs; working with her was a pleasure. With unmatched organizational skill and a keen eye for aesthetics, she transformed a messy and dusty back room into a welcoming guest room. She reorganized drawers and my closet and helped me decide what I did and did not need and want any longer. I felt liberated when she took away 8 garbage bags of clothing, shoes, and other items marked for donation.
She suggested how to arrange the room, websites to check out for ideas, and where to look for a desk, lamp, and accessories. She went shopping with and for me, suggesting styles and color schemes. Although it was challenging, she worked mostly with the furniture and things we already had, and we stayed well within our budget. The room is now transformed into an oasis of calm. I like to sit there pretending to be a guest. Thank you, Tinka.

-Karin B.
I’m an entrepreneur who works in the multimedia sector and as someone who works from home, I’m always looking for way to maximize the space I have. I had a very difficult problem involving the flow of my studio and the definition of client space. Tinka solved the problem with 3 or 4 key suggestions that we implemented instantly, cheaply and with huge success! Seriously amazing, and way cheaper than a renovation: Solve My Space rocks!

-Tim R. FibiiMedia.com
I have to admit I was not looking forward to opening up the drawers and cabinets in our dining room and play room — let alone the horror that was my son’s closet. But Tinka was able to break each step down into a manageable task. Just a few hours later, she’d helped me turn parts of the house I’d been avoiding into calm, organized, usable spaces! While her organization skills are top-notch, I think the best thing about having Tinka is the empathy and respect she brings to any situation — I never felt like I was being judged or my privacy invaded.
If you have drawers, corners, or even entire rooms you’re afraid to go near — do yourself (and your family) a favour and call Solve My Space!

-Michelle J.
“hmm.. I am sick of this paint on my walls, I think I want to change it to… grey! oh no, but will it go with my curtains, and my couches, and my carpet?” Sounds familiar? If you are someone who has some ideas about how to change/update your home but not enough courage to make a decision you need to call Tinka at Solve my Space. She came to my house for couple of hours and brainstormed with me through a number of ideas I had. She was energetic, funny, full of ideas and very sensitive to a number of my husband’s “family treasures” that couldn’t be removed. When she left I had a list of thing to do and a confidence to do it, it was amazing! I now only wish she could organize my life the same way she did my house!

-Ilona V.
Tinka helped me tackle a small storage room in our house. Over time the room had become a real mess, and I knew we needed some outside help! We are busy and just not inclined to get organized. Working with Tinka was a real pleasure. She is very hard working and worked very efficiently. She had some great ideas to improve the organization of the space, always keeping in mind ways to minimize the cost of the project. What Tinka accomplished in a few hours would have taken us forever. The process was painless, and actually enjoyable as it felt so productive. It feels so good to get rid of stuff we don’t need. I am really happy with the results.

-Stephanie J.


It is almost a bit embarrassing how well this works. It is hard to understand why, but it works. It is much more than just tidying and reorganizing. Tinka’s approach helps you develop methods for avoiding clutter in the first place…methods that are tailored to your reality. It has been a couple of months since Tinka’s first visit and everything remains organized, effortlessly. Most of all, Tinka is fun to work with. The experience is painless.

-Alex P.
With baby on the way we turned to Tinka whose genius for converting potential into kinetic air, space and utility materialized in the transformation of a room we had used as a walk-in closet into an expansive ‘office/guest room/laundry room’.

-Davis K.
Tinka came into our house and turned the general slope toward clutter and disorganization around. She went through a million boxes of kids clothes and toys and randomly accumulated belongings, winnowed down (we gave away almost 20 garbage bags of things), sorted and helped put away what we were keeping in an order that made sense, was easily accessible, and easy to maintain. She also helped us rearrange three rooms (we were making room for a baby): turn a dining room into TV room, girls’ room into baby’s room, TV room into girls’ room. With her help we did all this without buying lots of new furniture. She was an invaluable resource for us– not only in thinking things through and solving problems, but in rolling her sleeves up and going through boxes, moving furniture around, and putting all back together. One part organizer, one part decorator, one part force of nature, Tinka is an amazing resource.

–Jessica S.
Au départ, j’avais une idée précise de mes besoins, mais j’avais de la difficulté à concevoir l’aspect final de ma pièce. Quant à la réalisation du projet, autant ne pas y penser : je me sentais devant une montagne! Ce dont j’étais certaine, c’est que je voulais la franchir sans perdre mon temps en essais-erreurs. J’étais en quête d’un interlocuteur qui comprendrait mes besoins et mes goûts, et qui arriverait aussi à m’amener ailleurs afin d’actualiser mon décor en maximisant le potentiel de mon espace.
Grâce à l’écoute, au travail méthodique et à la diligence de Tinka, mon projet s’est rapidement concrétisé à ma plus totale satisfaction. J’ai apprécié me sentir à la fois prise en charge et partie prenante de la réalisation du projet. L’expérience m’a permis d’en apprendre davantage sur mes goûts et orientera les transformations qui seront apportées aux autres pièces de mon appartement. Tout au long du processus, j’ai été particulièrement impressionnée par la qualité des ressources (adresses, produits) portées à mon attention ainsi que par la créativité et le souci du détail de ma conseillère. Enfin, toute cette expérience ayant été vécue dans un climat très chaleureux, je ne peux que recommander Solve My Space à tous!

- Claire-Hélène L
The chaos of my office has always been legendary to others but felt very comfortable to me. That was until the last few years when all the papers and files and boxes started to weigh on my mood. All the clutter was no longer cute, a joke, a sign of creativity. It was just plainly depressing.
When Solve My Space suggested a day or two of decluttering and reorganizing, I was so skeptical. And I was resistant to any changes to my workspace. Yes, I could find anything under the piles of papers. But, it always did take me awhile to locate the correct pile.
So, it was through gritted teeth that I agreed to a Solve My Space makeover. It actually was fun, not painful to throw away old bills, or moldy chewing gum. But wait…what if I need those bank statements from 1995 or twice-used wrapping paper? Out with the junk, the clutter. What to do with old family photos? Why, now I have new notebooks with archival sleeves full of photos and actual labels on the outside. The notebooks are on a shelf, not in a disorganized stack next to the attic door. I was surprised that in a matter of hours, my office looked and felt different and I had new systems that worked for me, ones that I could follow and (hopefully!) maintain.

–Stefi H.
After a major disruption following a bad water leak, I decided to take the opportunity to improve both the look and function of my entire home. I had an idea of what I wanted to change, but no clue how to go about it. Tinka and Gabby walked through the house with me, asking what I liked and disliked in each room, how I wanted each room to function and what was on my wish-list.
They came back with recommendations to improve both the look and function of every room I wanted to change, including 3 bedrooms, office, living room, family room and front hall, and suggestions for paint colours and accessories. They showed me how to re-use the things I had and recommended a few new pieces and where to buy them. They did some of the re-organizing and hanging of art works, while I did the repainting and the rest of the finishing touches with their guidance.
The house is looking great now, it works well for us and I’ve had a number of favourable comments from visitors. I’m especially happy with their idea for a family photo gallery in the upstairs hall. It makes me smile every time I walk by!

–Dawn M.

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