Thank you Tinka, you are an angel disguised as a colorful chaos counselor. I feel blessed to have had your life-changing magic in my home and a whole new level of organization and outlook that has created an inspired flow.


Tinka had great ideas to improve the organization of the space, always keeping in mind ways to minimize the cost of the project.  Hard-working and efficient, what she accomplished in a few hours would have taken us forever. The process was painless, and actually...


While her organization skills are top-notch, I think the best thing about having Tinka is the empathy and respect she brings to any situation — I never felt like I was being judged or my privacy invaded.


As someone who works from home, I’m always looking for way to maximize the space I have. I had a very difficult problem involving the flow of my studio and the definition of client space. Tinka solved the problem with 3 or 4 key suggestions that we implemented...


Working with Tinka from Solve my Space has changed my life! It has changed my living space and it has inspired me to change my entire philosophy in life. Having free space in my home has allowed us to see how beautiful it actually is. She is really a whiz at where to...