With understanding, sensitivity, intelligence, and wit, she helped me attack brimming closets, sort through over-full storage rooms and bedrooms that had taken on a distressing similarity to Goodwill stores.


Tinka was an invaluable resource for us– not only in thinking things through and solving problems, but in rolling her sleeves up and going through boxes, moving furniture around, and putting all back together. One part organizer, one part decorator, one part force of...


Grâce à l’écoute, au travail méthodique et à la diligence de Tinka, mon projet s’est rapidement concrétisé à ma plus totale satisfaction. J’ai apprécié me sentir à la fois prise en charge et partie prenante de la réalisation du projet.


She can work with you. She can understand, discuss, and help make your vision happen. Room by room, she’s made my house a place that actually inspires me. Not only does she have a great eye for color, but she’s a genius at organizing. Full of creative,...


I felt stuck and my house felt heavy. I could not get around my long list of things to do. Tinka, with razor sharp focus and gentle ways, was able to take the lead in my vision of a clearer, lighter and more beautiful house. It was a thrilling and supportive process...