Dear Tinka

Check Out Tinka’s Advice Column for Home Challenges

Here’s the thing: there are many so commonalities in peoples’ homes, experiences, and challenges.

And that’s why I love having a home advice column. When you ask a question about your home, there are many people out there who have the exact same question. So when we address your question, it can be really helpful to others. 

I believe that by sharing our challenges at home, it helps us realize that we’re not alone. And when we share solutions to these challenges, we can learn from one another, be inspired by each other and implement changes in our own environments. 

And that’s the goal of the “Dear Tinka” home advice column: to solve home challenges together and improve emotional well-being at home!

Here’s how to participate in “Dear Tinka”

  1. Each month I answer different questions on my instagram feed and in my stories.
  2. Submit your questions by sending me a direct message on Instagram or by email
Examples of questions
  • Where should I start if my whole house needs some love?
  • How do I un-junk my junk drawer? 
  • How do I finish projects at home when I have so many and no time at all to do them? 
  • How do I declutter my books?
A few things to note
  • This is a judgment-free space. It’s normal to feel a bit vulnerable when sharing a part of your home that doesn’t feel very good. This work can only be done from a place of curiosity, compassion and collaboration. That’s what you can expect from me. ❤️
  • This is an anonymous column so we won’t submit your name with your question unless you would like me to.  
  • The “Dear Tinka” advice column does not replace 1:1 sessions. It’s a free service meant to provide initial ideas and direction.
  • Thank you in advance for sharing your questions with me. I’m really excited to help you make changes at home!