Home Organization Insights to Support Your Mental Wellness

Is Home Your Happy Place? Here’s How to Organize Your Home to Support Mental Wellness

“When our homes feel good, we feel good.” For professional organizer and chaos counselor Tinka Markham Piper and interior designer and DIY expert Maca Atencio, home environment is key to well-being. Factors like clutter (or lack of), design, plants and even lighting can have a big impact on our mood and overall wellness — especially as we all are spending more time at home. With this in mind, the Montreal-based duo (you can check out Tinka’s whimsical space here or step into Maca’s eco-conscious home here) is sharing their tips for setting up your living space to support your best life. From creating multi-functional spaces to organizing kids’ areas in playful (and practical) ways to making work-from-home days a little brighter, Maca and Tinka’s tips just may unlock a happier home. Bonus: check out the video for this calm yet functional space. https://www.hgtv.ca/home-tours/photos/how-to-organize-home-support-mental-wellness-1947446/