Solve my vanity! My cosmetics collection needs a home

Ilove collections–and I have a number of them. Ceramic planters, pompoms, coffee mugs and vintage pieces, to name a few.  So I understand when I receive an email, “My collection of ______ is getting out of control and I’m feeling overwhelmed.”

In this case, a client had a gorgeous collection of make-up that was piling up on the floor and spilling into her bedroom. She was neither able to use her cosmetics nor enjoy them because of the stress they caused her.  So together, we did applied the 3-tiered plan: declutter, organize + design.


We took EVERYTHING out of boxes, containers + closets. We created piles for keeping, trash, recycling and donations.  Once we knew exactly what would remain, we could discuss a range of organizational ideas to figure out the ones that would work for HER.  Not for me, but for her daily life.  That is something so critical to my work is not imposing solutions but collectively brainstorming them so that they will last.

She found an image online of a space that she really liked, so we recreated the look by combining IKEA furniture.  Unfortunately I do not have photos of the insides of drawers because they were fantastic! My client had the best time organizing each drawer according to different categories, using smaller bins + containers to make sure everything had a home.