Tinka was an invaluable resource for us– not only in thinking things through and solving problems, but in rolling her sleeves up and going through boxes, moving furniture around, and putting all back together. One part organizer, one part decorator, one part force of nature, Tinka is amazing!


Hiring Tinka for three hours made a huge difference, including to our overall bottom line. With ease and ingenuity, she offered suggestions on-the-spot for using our existing furniture and art in new ways.  She gave us the permission we needed to let go of pieces neither of us of really liked, and offered affordable suggestions for the few pieces we’d need to buy. I can now envision an attractive and comfortable layout, plus I’m inspired to fill in the design details!




As someone who works from home, I’m always looking for way to maximize the space I have. I had a very difficult problem involving the flow of my studio and the definition of client space. Tinka solved the problem with 3 or 4 key suggestions that we implemented instantly, cheaply and with huge success! Seriously amazing, and way cheaper than a renovation: Solve My Space rocks!

Musician + entrepreneur
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