A guest room/home office transforms into a gorgeous nursery

“Help, I’m blocked and I don’t know what to do!” My clients often have a vision for a room and lots of ideas but they don’t a) know where to get started, b) trust themselves or c) know where to find what they are looking for. Oh I love those jobs!  A lot of my work is figuring out what someone really wants in their home, how they want their home to feel and how it needs to work for their daily lives.

In this case, a creative client had a number of ideas for her daughter’s nursery but she didn’t know where to begin.  The nursery would be in her home office and she had purchased a huge mirror (coup d’coeur) and didn’t know how to incorporate into the overall plan.  Could she keep such a massive piece in a baby’s room?  She had also made a colorful and awesome mobile to hang somewhere.  She was eager to have a “succulents” theme and integrate some artwork that she had collected for the baby.  And she wanted the room to feel relaxing + inspiring.



Together, we created the overall design for the room–where we would place the larger objects and where we would add accents + color. We we went shopping around her home, finding pieces that she could repurpose in new ways.  By adding copper fairy lights to the mirror and creating a breastfeeding/reading area in front, the mirror became an unusual and gorgeous touch to a sophisticated yet accessible nursery.



She texted later to say, “Merci TELLEMENT pour ton aide. J’étais vraiment bloquée … maintenant tout est ci claire!  Best nursery ever!”  I loved working with her on this project!



Crib: IKEA
Pouf + basket: Babasouk
Lights: amazon.ca
Cactus wallpaper: Etsy
Shelves:  Dollarama
Chair + side table:  Found in her basement
Mirror: Purchased second-hand