From overflowing storage closet to inspiring home office

It’s really fun to work on a project where you see significant results quickly. Here, a client was interested in transforming a closet/storage space into a home office for her business. We made a lot of progress together in just 3 sessions—and what helps so much is that she also accomplished a lot of work in between sessions and afterwards.

The storage room was initially intended to be a walk-in style closet since there are no windows in the room. Two large Ikea Pax wardrobes took up a large part of the room and over time and a new baby, it filled with just baby accessories and boxes of pre-pregnancy clothing. The room became so cluttered that it was no longer used for anything other than a room for storage and junk. Since the baby arrived, the client is trying to rearrange her home in order to create a bedroom for her child. So we decided to move her home office into this room.


During this project, we ended up throwing away 11 bags of garbage and donating 7 bags of clothing and assorted accessories along with an old suitcase. The bags of donations we given to Le Chainon on Saint-Laurent Street in the Plateau Mont Royal.

The door to the room was removed and stored. White eco-friendly Benjamin Moore paint was chosen in Mountain Peak White to cover the old peachy colour. White Ikea office furniture was purchased so that the room could stay as airy as possible. The desk and chair already belonged to the client. A ceiling lamp from Home Depot replaced the old Ikea track lighting.

My client re-used her old desk from a few years ago that was being used as the family’s dining-room table. It was actually a perfect fit for the little nook in the room. My client tells me that one of her favourite things about her new home office is that there is a place for everything!



White drawer units, white bookshelf, paper lamps, sheepskin: Ikea
Desk and chair: Bureau en gros
Frames: Chapters Indigo
Cloud Print: Irene Suchoki (Montreal photographer)
White office supplies: Martha Stewart for Avery, and Ikea
Wood Stereo: Tivoli Audio
All images via Vivian Doan Photography