Help my living room…I’m moving!

Ioften work with clients who are in the process of selling their home and need guidance on how to prepare their home so that it shows best in the real estate process. While it is a lot of work to sell your home, it can also be an efficient + smoother one when you have a clear, step-by-step guide of what needs to happen.

In this case, a young family was moving to the countryside and needed to sell their home as soon as possible since they had already placed an offer on another home.  With two young kids + two busy careers, the parents had a lot on their plate. I was hired to come in and create an action plan for each room: decluttering, organizing and design.

In particular, the largest room in the home needed an overhaul as it had become a congested 3-in-1 room: home office, play room and living room.


You can see the terrific results below and their home sold in record time.  In addition, the written action plan also helped them get ready for their move as they paired down on a number of possessions in the process. Win-win!