From renovation to full design: a living space evolves

While I enjoy design magazines and pinterest, I’m always drawn to the before/afters of home projects. I love seeing how a home or a room or a space evolves over time and it always does take TIME.  A lot of time.

Below you’ll find three photos of a living room redesign over the course of a year: from the actual reconstruction of the home to the moving and unpacking and then the final product. There is a lot of beautiful natural light in this space and the focus was on creating a colorful living space that would pop with the walls and the whitewashed floors.




Home renovated and built by Point Carre and architecture via emarchitecture.



Sofa: Gus Modern Design
Chairs: Vintage Florence Knoll
Large artwork (left wall): Ara Osterweil
Artwork (right wall): Rachel Castle and Nathalie Lete
White Rug: West Elm
Accessories: Anthropologie
White basket + vase: HomeSense
Lamp: Boutique Spoutnik
Purple wool throw: M0851
Paint: White Dove by Benjamin Moore


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