Overwhelmed by paperwork: Setting up a productive home office

“I‘m drowning in my papers and I don’t know what to do!” Organizing paperwork is one of my favorite jobs.  In short, you take piles and piles, whittle them down to the essentials and create systems to follow to prevent the paper overwhelm in the future. Yes, it can be time-consuming but it’s time well-spent.  And now, given the numerous digital options for reducing + managing paperwork, there are so many ways to tailor solutions to meet individual + household needs.

In this case, my client was setting up her home office and needed help dealing with years of paperwork build-up as well as creating a filing system for the household.  We filled trash bags with recycling and several boxes to shred.  We worked together to find the best solution for her to make sure that it could be maintained over the long-term. Success!





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